Gibson EB 5


Gibson EB 5 String Bass Review.


GibsonEB51_zps09018ad0I got this bass guitar model first as an open box dent and scratch. I was very partial to the Music Man Sterling Bass before trying this bass out. But I love playing new basses so I thought I would give this a try.

Upon arrival I was surprised it was very light-weight. (8.5 lbs.) It reminds me of the Gibson SG series in body style, and the finish was a sweet dark cherry red with a glued in 34 inch solid maple neck with a slick rosewood fingerboard. The double cutaway on the body allows for all the frets to be easily played.

The Babicz bridge has perfected intonation and allows for optimal clarity and sustain. It has a pair of beefy double humbucker Alnico pickups that resonate the low B string well. I also enjoyed finding out that the volume knobs had their own individual push pull switch to brighten it up or give it a tight single coil sound. It gives off a real warm sound in the neck position or a punchy sound at the bridge position.

Really makes your active pickup basses look pretty weak, and it saves on the headache of keeping your bass ready to play. (No batteries!) If you like your a versatile bass with the ability to rumble with a punch or just quietly create a smooth sound then this is the bass for you. Bottom line you will feel as though your are playing a classic with all the contemporary modernization’s that we have grown to love. So much that I went and bought a gold model of the same guitar.