Fender American Precision Bass V


It is widely known that every bass player should own at least one P- Bass. Who am I to say any different. The Precision Bass has been a staple among instruments since it’s released in 1951. The punch it provides allows it to be heard along with the rest of the band. From funk to hip- hop, rock to reggae; all of the music that’s captured our hearts, began with this thunderous bass.

Developed by longtime bass pickup master Michael Bump, the brand-new V-Mod split-coil Precision Bass pickup uses a carefully selected blend of alnico magnet types for balanced tone with authentic Fender sonic DNA. The ‘1963’ P Bass neck allows for comfort in your hands no matter your playing style, becoming one with you, while the narrow-tall frets provide a familiar playing feel and perfect intonation.


The Fender Precision Bass was one of the first among my Fender guitars. and owning an American Professional version has only made playing it more exciting.

The posiflex graphite support rods run the length of the neck, adding stability to the neck while resisting warping. The redesigned tuning machines use a fluted shaft, creating the optimum break angle over the nut while keeping the string winding tight for increased sustain and enhanced tuning stability.

The 34″ scale length on the neck has been slimmed down in places where it counts. The top 4 strings react just like any P-Bass should. The low B string on this model is a lot more present than it’s recent relatives. I enjoyed the ease of dialing in my sound with little effort. Mixing the old with the new and not stepping away from what makes this bass legendary, continues to give inspiration among the musicians of today.