Fender American Dimension 5


Fender American Dimension Bass 5-String Bass Guitar Review



Fender does it again. This new look bass just adds to Fender’s ability to set themselves apart amongst the other manufacturer’s.
As soon as I heard this was going to be added to their already top notch lineup, I had to have one. I fell in love with the versatility it offered. Finally a fender bass in touch with my needs. I now could use this axe to play anything from traditional to funk. It is exceptionally comfortable to play even with a C-Shape bolt on neck. The ability to use all the neck with the cutaway style body makes it a fun bass to play. The only down side is the battery compartment is a screwed in. (I only kept one in in order for quick change in case I needed it.)
The Dimension’s humbucking pickups offer a unique five-way switching and active 18V preamp with 3-band hum canceling EQ will provide incredible sonic flexibility. The low end is so responsive with dynamics and power that it creates a low end unheard of by a fender bass out there.  Whatever the style you play, this bass responds well.